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To compete today, Privately owned Club owners need to provide a winning combination of ambience, food and beverage products as well as exceptional entertainment.

The entertainment must be geared to the taste of the regular clientele. One of the best options is Gaming.


 The Hottest Venue for Gaming over the last several years has been Adult Arcades and prior to 2015, Internet Cafes. Unfortunately for Club owners, these Games have not been available to Privately owned Clubs. If you're not knowledgeable about the history of Ohio Gaming, we'll be happy to meet and explain what has happened in the last 15 years. Its quite a story and the Casinos are not the only winners.


Now, for the 1st time, Gamers Club has a Gaming Solution for the Adult Arcade Owner.


As a Systems Integrator, Gamers Club has the Expertise and Partnerships to bring a

Packaged Solution to those running in Adult Arcades.


Rock Certified 3D Hi Def Real Experienced Extensive
Solid Legal Gaming Time Local Back Room
Hardware Software Experience Upgrades Support Reporting


If you're already a game room operator, we can add a Full Disclosure, better than "No Chance" solution to your venue in less than one day.

If you're just beginning, we will configure what is needed, install the hardware and software, train your staff and provide support.


The Hardware consists of high powered computers networked together that easily support 3D Hi Def Gaming applications. This network is server based providing for immediate, online software upgrades, new game releases, maintenance and back room reporting.


The Gaming Software is provided by multiple leaders in gaming software. Their games are superior to others in their amazing Graphics and Animation. Lets face it, if you want dull games, you can play at home. If you want the most exciting gaming experience complete with the opportunity to win Cash Prizes, Gamers Club has the answer.


Our owners and senior staff have over 30 years Hardware/Software Development and Integration Experience in industry ranging from the Fortune 100 to Small Business.
We have been in Gaming since 1995, and have operated numerous Internet Cafes and Adult Arcades, winners of the "Best of the Best" multiple years.  
  Teaming with our software providers, we offer an unmatched team of experts ready to install and support your gaming solution.  




Results will depend on the extent of play generated in your Club, but the Earning Potential is Unlimited.


There may be other alternative games and providers, but we are confident our solution provides the easiest, safest, most legal solution available. Our Hardware is solid as a rock, our Software is the Most Legal (the only system to have never been judged illegal in any court), and we are here to handle whatever training and support is required.



Our Background

Our Owner comes from a IT/computer consulting background having owned and managed highly successful firms in Cleveland and Columbus. With employees in the hundreds, his firms designed and wrote software  for Fortune 500 companies from the late 70's thru the 2000's. Among which was the original Ohio Lottery software system. He had one of the earliest PC computer stores in Ohio. Was a systems integrator across computer platforms from mainframes to micro computers. Personally Consulted with IBM on the state-of-the-art in small computing prior to the PC and with the State of Ohio on gaming related issues.

Our system integration team is experienced in networking, hardware, software, and gaming. Have managed Internet Cafes and Adult Arcades for years. Understand the Business and Technical side. Know what it takes to make an installation successful. They're there to make it happen with you.

 Bill Janowich



Our Internet Cafes were the 1st in the Area in 2008, and were the Largest and the Finest. Being the First, we set the standard for Gaming in the area. We now operate multiple Adult Arcades.

Others have tried to copy us but ... we are the trend setters with many innovative offerings including Men's and Lady Days, Veteran's Days, Early Bird and Nite Owl Bonuses, Lucky Chair awards, New Customer bonuses and Progressive Jackpots, and more.

Our  jackpot system is the most exciting and rewarding in the industry with multiple levels of cash awards. Since its inception our jackpot system has elevated the excitement and participation to a new level.


We were Voted the Morning Journal's Reader's Choice Award for "Best of the Best" Intenet Cafe - every Year since 2011 With  2 convenient locations our Arcades serve a wide geography.

  • Mega Nites Vermilion on SR 60

  • Gamers Club Port Clinton on SR 53




Our Games are one of the few to be certified by experts as a bona fide "Full Disclosure" system by completely eliminating the element of chance. Ours are the only games in the State of Ohio to be never judged illegal in a court of law in any State. These facts assure you of the Most Legal Gaming Solution available in Ohio.




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